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We believe in beauty.

We believe in nature.

We believe in a more beautiful world.

Where men are connected with their roots.

Where people are able to see all the wonders of nature to comfort, relax and inspire.

We believe technology can be used to get people closer to nature without moving them apart from their essence.

We are part of something bigger.

We are part of something inspiring.

We are part of a team that is proud of recreating small pieces of nature right next to you. We are proud to provide you sensations like beauty, well-being and connection to nature.

Every detail is carefully planned and executed so that results go beyond expectations. We believe we are unique, and every system must be like a fingerprint, taking into account its irreplaceable characteristics and needs.

Whatever your nature is, Ecosys brings it to you.


Complete projects for the construction of ponds, rapids, waterfalls, streams and natural pools, including choice of materials, dimensioning, design and skilled labor.

Technical Restructuring

This category aimed to use our technology in filtering systems to provide crystal-clear water in previously built ponds.

Complete Restructuring

Segments also to facing existing lakes, besides the technical restructuring (water quality), we also work with the important part of the aesthetics of the lake.

Representatives and Partners

We have our professional staff trained to assist you in a technical manner, assisting in project development and troubleshooting.


The maintenance of ponds with the ECOSYS filtering systems is simple and centered in the filtering area.

Water Quality

ECOSYS guarantees crystal-clear water and control of undesirable algae if the instructions for maintenance procedures and population/nutritional balance stated in our manual are followed. This manual is handed to the customer as soon as the pond is finished.


We constantly seek for generating innovative technologies and products, continuously investing in research and development.

Safety of Equipment

All equipment provided by ECOSYS are CE aproved, which assures full safety against electric shocks.


Our unique impermeabilization is one our key futures and therefore extra-long lasting.


We only use the highest quality pumps which have proven to be durable and eco friendly

UV System

ECOSYS only uses the best UVC products available in the market.

Filter Body

Our filter systems are uniquely designed and often specially adapted to the project.

Performed Projects

Monthly Maintenance

Projects in 2017

Projects in Execution


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Ecosys brings it to you!

Be sure to watch our new video in honor of the architects and landscape architects working with ECOSYS. This video is a tribute of ECOSYS to our architects and landscapers that used their projects combined with the construction techniques of ECOSYS, elevate the water into State of the Art. Track produced by Rodrigo Alexey and […]

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Types of Koi


Types of Koi

Koi are fish more suitable for ornamental ponds, supporting a temperature range of 3 drgrees above zero to nearly 40 degrees, they are more resistant to ammonia and higher salinity. They are easy to play, but we can hardly get good offspring out of cross breading […] 1 – Platinum 2 – Tancho 3 – […]

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