Bonito Project

Bonito Project by Isabel Duprat

The pond is the center of the garden. Everything happens around it and the garden was designed based on it.  It all started as a water that mirror that reflected the sky and the surroundings, in the middle of the field. The dimension, the scale of the place, and the quota of the pond implementation should be the size of the eye, so that from the house, it was possible to see it completely. Its long shape came from this idea and the lines gave it some organicity.

Gradually, the pond was taking on a life of its own and defining its tendency to reproduce a microcosm of fish that could be enjoyed in a dive, that its waters were transparent and clear enough to reveal an aquatic garden, designed under the water. The curved lines of its shape carved the inner reliefs to make deeper niches and shelter the most demanding fish.

At the edges, curves created the beach, contoured the colorful flower beds highlighted by trees, grass was marked by the wind until they find the Sapucaia (Lecythis Pisonis) and the Jabuticaba trees of the orchard, the future forest and sport courts. The pool pouring on it connected two separate waters connected by feeling. A large and delicate stone stairway that meets a path of Palms was extended over the water, providing a new look to the pond. Lines take place over time and develops at every spring

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