The Ecosys Franchise is a group of specialists with hight knowledge of building (executing) natural – ornamental – (swimming) pools and ponds, swimming pools, whirlpools, hammam, lakes and water features at private properties, animal parks (zoos), resorts, hotels, campsites, municipalities and so on. Together we market the potencial clientes to realize our stunning projects all over the world.

Our main goal is to make the world more beautiful and give everybody the opportunity to own a little piece of nature, a little piece of paradise.
Besides that we will have a strong rule of engagement, we shall not use chemicals at any time. Ecosys brings you nature not pollution!

Ecosys is a very strong brand in the world of water features, being part of Ecosys makes you a trusted partner for our clients.


The benefits of being part of the Ecosys Franchise program are basically numerous, we pointed out the most important ones down here;

  • Being part of the Ecosys Group
  • A network of specialists all over the world
  • A highly qualified design studio to help you with a complete design
  • Marketing support to help you advertisse our brand
  • A website in your territories desired language
  • Combining expertise from all over the globe to achieve our mutual goals
  • Direct contact with out team in The Netherlands
  • One stop shopping for all needed materials
  • Help with administration f.e. factoring
  • Once a year a meeting in one of the countries of a franchisee with all partners to study, learn, discuss and visit projects for three days
  • Every two years a two day meeting with all franchisees in for example Brazil, with a three day expedition
  • You’ll be part of the world leading NSP company
  • Technical help for all water related issues
  • Direct help of our technicians when needed
  • Solutions for almost every budget globally

If you are interested to become a franchisee of Ecosys, please do not hesitate anymore and contact us directly by using our contact form.

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Please contact our Franchisee directly by using the below information

Ecosys Baleares (Spain)

Your contact: Mr. Reugene Rosina

Phone: +34 616 841 104

ECOSYS BALEARES is responsible for all Ecosys projects in the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Cabrera.

If you like to become a franchisee of Ecosys please contact us:

Ecosys Franchise

Your contact: Mr. Bob Luyendijk

Phone: +31 611 032 731

ECOSYS FRANCHISE is responsible for everything related to Ecosys Franchisee outside South America

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