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Complete projects for the construction of ponds, Rapids, waterfalls, streams and natural pools, including choice of materials, dimensioning, design and a skilled staff.

Building ponds is a service that involves excavating the ground with hand tools and placement of stones, a trained staff is essential to avoid accidents.

Good companies have their own staff, on the books, with life and health insurance. This provides security and avoids labor lawsuit.

For a preview of the pond design, Ecosys performs simulations mixing photos of the environment where the pond will be built with photos of other ponds built by ECOSYS. It takes only a picture of the location and a description of the desired elements, such as benches, decks, pergolas and plants. For budget request, send a draft, outlining the desired format. Specify the width and maximum length, depth and site characteristics.

According to the project and details provided, our team adapt the design to convey information more efficiently, varying from monochromatic sketches to rendered images.

Technical Restructuring


This category aimed to use our technology in filtering systems to provide crystal-clear water in previously built ponds.

When a pond has a reasonable aesthetics and no leaking, it may be only restructured not rebuilt. The pond gets a makeover by receiving plants, fish and biological balance.

Water quality and clearness issues can be easily solved by our skilled staff.

Complete Restructuring


Segments also to facing existing lakes, besides the technical restructuring (water quality), we also work with the important part of the aesthetics of the lake.

Intensity in change depends on the condition of the enviroment to be restructured.  In some cases, replacing the filtering system and plant ornamenting is enough, in other cases, new coating is needed. When there is leaking, the pond must be rebuilt. Please note that

Esthetic restructuring must be followed by technical.



The maintenance of ponds with the ECOSYS filtering systems is simple and centered in the filtering area.

Water Quality

ECOSYS guarantees crystal-clear water and control of undesirable algae if the instructions for maintenance procedures and population/nutritional balance stated in our manual are followed. This manual is handed to the customer as soon as the pond is finished.

Safety of Equipment

All equipment provided by ECOSYS follow the regulation of ABNT, which assures full safety for electric shocks.


Twenty-year guarantee.


One-year guarantee.

UV System

One-year guarantee for manufacturing defects. Note: Ultraviolet bulbs in the filter have no warranty.

Filter Body

Ten-year warranty.


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Ecosys has built over 3000 ponds spread all over Brazil. The numbers confirm the mass acceptance of the quality of their work. The ponds are resistant, totally impermeable and low water and energy consumption.
All components of the ponds are previously tested and approved by ECOSYS, which guarantees the origin of fish, birds, pumps, stones, filters, feed, lighting and damp-proofing material.

Koi Fish – Our koi fish are all Nishikigoi. This means that they are fish with lineage, which comply with the worldwide standards of shapes and colors. All of them are from tanks selected from breeders affiliated with the Brazilian Association of Nishikigoi (ABN). The Koi fish is strong and gentle. They live up to 70 years and it is common to eat from the hands of their owners. Ecosys fish go through a quarantine process which enables us to ensure their sanity.
Feed – The Tetra feed guarantees total fish health and leaves no residues in the water of the pond due to the very high digestibility.
Stones – All the stones used in ECOSYS ponds have farming authorization, in accordance with the requirements of IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources).
Energy consumption and water – pumps used and the UV sterilizers are imported from Europe and the United States. It is a silent equipment that presents very low energy consumption. A mid-sized pond consumes a 100-watt light bulb. The water goes through a filtering cycle and goes 100% back into the pond. The only automatic replacement is the evaporation.
Waterproofing – Ecosys material, that serves as the basis for the ponds construction and bio-digesters, is strong and flexible. It comprises geomembranes of EPDM with 400% lengthening and 20-year warranty.
EPDM is also sold in site. For the latest information on prices, please contact us.
Filtering system – Mini-stations of biological treatment that follow the safety standards of ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Standards).


Filtros Ecosys 2020 - 01

We constantly seek for generating innovative technologies and products, continuously investing in research and development. Focusing on our differential, Ecosys neatly and efficiently builds ponds of easy maintenance with very low water and energy consumption, in a maximum of three days. A few years ago, Ecosys ran a project inspired by the river Bonito, a diving pond of 2000 square meters and 2,000,000 litres.
All Ecosys equipment follows international safety standards. Our filters are adapted to the conditions of our tropical weather and specially manufactured according to the needs of the project.